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Why Health Coaching

Why Stress Managment?

It can help with ...

Regulating Energy Levels

 Sabrina guides clients in establishing daily habits to manage and reduce stress and anxiety through movement, meditation, breathing and anti-inflammatory foods. Custom blended aromatherapy products for nervous system regulation, vasodilation and vagal nerve stimulation along with movement therapy and breath work help to create Sabrina's multifaceted approach to energy management. 


Stress can affect our relationships, our choices and the way we show up in every aspect of our lives. Sabrina educates clients on mindfulness techniques and meditation tools that can be used to allow individuals to have better access to their intuition, to communicate less reactively and to begin to establish clear boundaries that are more aligned with their needs and wants in order to live a life more conducive to joy and pleasure.


With all the processed foods, stress and sedentary lifestyles that are key elements of our modern world many people suffer from digestive issues. This may manifest itself in bloating, chronic discomfort, formally diagnosed IBS, poor elimination and brain fog. Sabrina guides clients in understanding their sensitivities and how their nervous system affects their digestion to reduce triggers of digestive discomfort.

Mental Health

Whether it's the 3 pm blues, exhaustion caused by an inability to sleep or adrenal fatigue, Sabrina specializes in natural ways to combat fatigue. She guides clients in addressing the root causes of fatigue in their life and supports them in making lifestyle and dietary changes that allow them to feel relaxed and capable. For clients suffering from anxiety, Sabrina guides individuals in managing symptoms and provides concrete tools to address panic or hyperventilation.

Weight Loss

Sabrina's unique approach to whole-body healing allows clients to deconstruct patterns of self-sabotage, understand the root of their cravings, and establish lifelong healthy habits. Stress eating is a maladaptive coping mechanism that many people struggle with. Sabrina's approach to nervous system regulation addresses the root problem; stress cycles causing reactive eating patterns.

Chronic stress has been proven to increase the risk of developing heart disease, obesity, diabetes and clinical anxiety among other comorbid diseases. Sabrina's unique approach to stress management is informed by a biomedical approach and focuses on thoughtfully managing the nervous system and thus helping clients manage symptoms of diseases arising from or related to chronic stress with the assistance of a client's primary care provider. 

Reducing Risk of Comorbid 

"I love working with Sabrina. I've gone to her classes at a different yoga studio and I really enjoyed her approach which is why I initially agreed to do the work with her. I really enjoy the combination of mind, body and spirit that she takes to yoga. Sabrina's so caring and really genuinely cares about the whole human being, not just the physical body and the work that she's doing. I'd highly recommend it to anyone."

- Ashley

"Having like an hour and a half every couple of weeks to really hone in ... and basically like evaluate my body and just look at it for what it is and also have a very kind view towards my body and acceptance, I think that's just so beneficial not just physically but also emotionally and mentally as well"


- Jaclyn 

Who is Stress Management For?

Highly Sensitive People

Highly Sensitive People (also known as HSPs) are individuals who have increased sensitivity of the central nervous system and a deeper cognitive processing of physical, social and emotional stimuli. Stress management techniques are deeply important for HSPs as they aid in regulating the nervous system and processing stimuli. Stress management helps HSPs to feel less overwhelmed, better equipped for daily life and more at ease in their body.

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Meet Sabrina

Meet Sabrina Joy

Natural and Functional Stress Management Specialist

Sabrina Joy is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Instructor, Breathwork Therapist, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Practitioner and Integrative Nutritionist who specializes in functional stress management. She is also the host of the popular sustainable wellness podcast The Ahimsa Choice Podcast. Currently, Sabrina is also in clinical rounds to complete her Yoga Therapy accreditation.

A recovering stress-aholic, Sabrina knows first-hand the damaging effects of chronic stress. After developing a compromised immune system, depressionanxiety, chronic pain and panic disorder in college as a result of chronic stress, Sabrina decided to change her life and educational journey to help people manage stress and find inner peace.


Using her vast educational background, Sabrina takes individuals from stressed, exhausted, sick, and time-poor to healthy, mentally resilient, and mindful. Sabrina uses lifestyle-based changes along with scientifically informed natural approaches to support the nervous system, cultivate healthy heart rate variability, and improve the body's ability to complete the stress response cycle. Having more energy, sleeping better, healing the body, and feeling more present and in control of your reactions to life become side effects of big-picture mindset shifts and habit changes based in self-compassion and sustainable action! 


If you’re ready to manage stress and anxiety to be more healthy, proactive and resilient book a free health consultation with Sabrina. 


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 More Testimonials

"I learned so much about myself I couldn't believe it, strengths and weaknesses that I wasn't even aware of, wants and needs that I didn't recognize, personality traits that other people saw in me that I didn't see. Sabrina helps you get down to the root of your problems, your bad habits, and your way of thinking. She has an abundance of information to give about nutrition, psychology, the human body and more. I learned plenty of easy and delicious recipes that I still use, and she recommended books that I not only enjoyed but learned a lot from. I came away from our sessions with the tools to help me accomplish my goals and get the things I want in life. I am very happy with the results! :) "

— Zack B

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