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functional stress management

Heal your body and your mind

  • 1 hour
  • Keng Acupncture and Wellness Clinic

Service Description

Have you ever heard the adage that the only sure things in life are death and taxes? I say, let's throw stress in there too! It's almost impossible to live in the modern world without encountering stress and individuals juggling more responsibilities experience consistently high levels of chronic stress. Stress is normal, and in some ways healthy. However, problems occur when our body begins to experience chronic stress. Stress can hamper our immunity, ruin our sleep, destroy a healthy digestive system, cause breakouts, reak havoc on our hormones, and negatively impact our mental health. These side effects of stress hamper our ability to make strides in our careers, live in pain free bodies and cultivate fulfilling relationships. This program is designed to empower individuals to manage their stress in healthy ways through meditation, movement, proper nutrition, and daily habits to help cope with anxiety and overwhelm. By the end of this six-month program, you'll walk away with the tools to manage and reduce the stress in your life so you can shine in your career, thrive in your relationships, and live a life unburdened by reactivity and burnout. You'll be better equipped to listen to your intuition, cultivate creativity, work more productively and find peace not to mention heal your body and reduce the likelihood of developing co-morbid diseases. The skills learned in the program are designed to be used for the rest of your life and you'll learn how to adapt them to life's changing circumstances no matter what challenge arises. Be sure to schedule a free initial consultation with Sabrina to get started on kicking chronic stress to the curb!

Contact Details

  • 17401 135th Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98072, USA

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